Norwegian Wood – The Beatles – Acoustic Guitar Lesson (SB-116) How to play

In this guitar lesson we’re checking out how to play the Beatles classic Norwegian Wood. lots of fun to play this song. Fast forward to 2:20 to get to the lesson part, cos I start with a cover this time. 🙂

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This song is from The Justinguitar Acoustic Songbook which contains 50 songs for progressing guitar players into playing acoustic guitar. More info:

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  1. thanks justin!

  2. justin you da man! can you please do hound mouth- for no one i can't find a lesson on it anywhere and its cracker as you like to say

  3. Love all your lessons , thank you so much !
    Your such a true blessing to so many.

  4. Jeet Bhattachariya

    justin I love you

  5. Justin do you have a video for everything. You pop up constantly no matter what im searching for. Since I started learning guitar about 10 years ago your consistently appearing on my computer with every song and technique I want to learn.

  6. Thansk for the lesson! I've been wanting to learn it for a while, and you did a great job of teaching took me a hapf hour to be able to play it :)

  7. Justin, you're a great guitar teacher. Thanks for all the Beatles lessons!

  8. I m still out here, Big Al!!

  9. Great lesson

  10. thankyou so much for this lesson! xx

  11. Learned this about a year ago from Justin.  LOVE playing it, probably my favorite to play.  Thanks Justin, your method is fantastic!

  12. One mans quest to understand

    Thanks Justin, helped me polish up my rendition. I often use your videos to help me grow musically, thanks a lot I like how you do.


  14. Great Job! Thank you so much. Keep on making tutorials like this.

  15. Thank you, and congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. awesome lesson, you make it so easy to learn.. Thanx

  17. Never tried learning this. Stumbled across it. Now I know it. My life is complete great work

  18. Thank you Justin. You are doing the world s great service with your lessons!

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