Nothing Else Matters – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Metallica – How To Play

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Keep on playing 🙂


  1. thanks for a great lesson..I got most of it ! will keep practicing!

  2. Purujit Chaturvedi

    this requires like a lot lot lot of patience thanks a lot for the video! :D

  3. Is this arrangement your own? It's pretty close to Creeping Death Music. 1991 (Universal Music Publishing Ltd)

  4. Please made a lesson of Rockin' in a free world by the awesome Neil Young.

  5. Great lesson, when I started to play I wanted to learn this song, but was so hard. Now with your help take me one hour, Metallica is the influence of so many musicians. Kirk is fuckin' great with the strings.

  6. believe it or not i just bough a guitar .. aand i find this video and for the first time im holding a guitar and with this video i learned to play this in one week !!! thx a lot for your explanations!! much love from morocco ♥♡♥

  7. Thanks Bro that put it all in perspective for me…

  8. Thank you man <3 i love you

  9. tabs would be great too :)

  10. great lesson! thanks for sharing :)

  11. amazing teacher thank u keep going

  12. Great lesson. I have only been playing a few months so this song will take a while to learn. A bit at a time and it will come together. I learned sweet one Alabama by lynard skynard and mother by pink floyd already.

  13. whats wrong with the framerate in this video, it's hard to watch

  14. Wow another awesome video! keep up the good job!

  15. Great lesson Drue! Looking forward to I'm So Lonesome ^_^

  16. Hey man , you are an amazing teacher , thanks a million

  17. good one ;)

  18. any chance of getting tabs for this

  19. Jennifer Sanmoengin

    Thankyouuu so much! Learned it in one dayyy! Great teacher. You need more views.

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