Nothing Else Matters – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Metallica – Part 2

Nothing Else Matters - Acoustic Guitar Lesson - Metallica - Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of my Nothing Else Matters acoustic guitar lesson. You can watch Part 1 here: Subscribe for 2 new lessons every week: Watch Part 1 –
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Keep on playing 🙂
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  1. Your going a little to fast

  2. You are awesome and you are the best

  3. thanks for your lessons. I´ve already learn part 1 and 2 of nothing else matters

  4. Gintaras Grėbliūnas


  5. You have really good lessons but promoting shirts, lmao just stick to guitar

  6. Fast Paced

  7. Is this video like 15 fps

  8. It's great. we'll done.
    What i miss is a tab for your lessons. It's so much easier to follow the instructions….
    Thanks nevertheless

  9. you teach really good but i dont see the reason not to use tabs. It helps so much more when you have a tab to look at

  10. you are the best teacher

  11. Hi Dure can you write the tabs please?

  12. Sara Ines Puentes Umbarila

    really good

  13. the best teacher on youtube !! <333

  14. please slow down

  15. Jean- Marie BOCANDE

    you rule

  16. Pretty good tutorial, a bit rushed in my opinion

  17. Thanks from NZ Drew..great lesson

  18. that strumming part .. i have to do it always with that misses ? :Oiam begiiner

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