NOTHING ELSE MATTERS Guitar Lesson Tutorial (Metallica) Fingerstyle Songs

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Here’s how to play the classic song Nothing Else Matters by Metallica.

This is one of the most iconic songs of all time. The intro picking is quite advanced, but each section gets easier as the song progresses, with the easiest parts being the chorus and verses – so keep that in mind as you are learning this song!



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  1. wow thank youuuuuuu so much for this . stay safe stay quarantined andy .

  2. Hello from America, Andy. Another great video lesson. Thank you. O/T There no lessons anywhere on the whole internet for "Little Queenie" by Chuck Berry. I have been trying to wing it on my own, but there's so much missing that needs your expert attention. Please do a full lesson on Little Queenie? Best, John

  3. Please make a tutorial of "Minimal" by ROLE MODEL. Its got such a catchy guitar tune I'd love to learn it!

  4. Hey Andy. Thanks. Great lesson. How do you like that 12-fret Faith? I am considering buying one myself.

  5. Hey man please make a tutorial of Bella ciao song's guitar's a request..

  6. It was about time you did a tutorial for this song xp

  7. Flamenco version>>>>>>>>

  8. Hamidreza Roohian

    If I am right you are changing some parts to make it easier, the main version I saw is a bit different

  9. Could you please do a tutorial for leave out all the rest by Linkin Park I would really appreciate it everything on the internet seems just a bit off.

  10. I love that you're uploading more intermediate and fingerstyle songs. Great tutorial as always! Gonna practice this first thing in the morning tomorrow

  11. Faith guitars, beautiful instrument.
    Best guitar for the money you can buy.
    In my opinion.

  12. Can you do a tutorial for Chelsea dagger by the Fratellis pwease

  13. The problem is if anyone sees you playing this in a guitar store, you'll be kicked out

  14. Heyy sir andy i want to take your premium online lesson but i am from nepal. I have a visa debit card . How can i proceed

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