Nothing Else Matters [INTRO] – Metallica #1of3 (Songs Guitar Lesson BS-821) How to play

Nothing Else Matters [INTRO] - Metallica #1of3 (Songs Guitar Lesson BS-821) How to play

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Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Nothing Else Matters – Metallica
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In this guitar lesson we check out the intro to Nothing Else Matters by Metallica, the rest of the song is found in the following parts! Hope you dig.

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  1. At 2:40 do you hit the E string again or do you play off of the previous note?

  2. Bad explaination

  3. Please do the unforgiven

  4. Need Another Seven astronauts 1987

    Marty swazts is way better teacher than you dude

  5. GRRRRR!…. how do you let go of the 5th string 3rd fret moving your index finger down to the 1st string 3rd fret without the 5th string 3rd fret sounding at 5:44?!

  6. Soo good keep it up

  7. So good omg

  8. thanx justin cheers !

  9. A very melancholy tune….love this.

  10. You are an amazing teacher. Please can you teach Hotel California?

  11. Is this in standard tuning?

  12. Awesome and very accurate tutorial.

  13. Hi. Thanks for this. If you find the time would you please mind just responding to this comment and layman's terms just explaining where to put fingers for e minor chord at 8.00mins in this video. Can't get the right notes!

  14. Jusitn, I'm getting back into playing and also grew some nails and am learning to finger pick. This video is extremely helpful to me and I prefer your lessons to all the others that are on the net. Thank you sincerely.

  15. James Warden Warden

    Good lesson bro..thanks .it helps me for the NEM intro.. 3 video that I already watch still make me stuck , but this video make me success. Thanks again .

  16. I guess this isn't the song to start learning finger picking. :O

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