“Nowhere Man” Beatles ELECTRIC GUITAR LESSON and Tips

Link to original cover song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITrEhXwF8Qw

Here’s a video I made to accompany my “Nowhere Man” video, and I hope it will help someone learn. I’ve gotten a lot of requests for these, so if people like them I will start making them to accompany every video.
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  1. Hi Nick, I was wondering what model Rick your playing and is it the short or.long scale?also love the lessons.

  2. Hey man!, I recently came across your stuff! It's pretty spot on! Do you have any contact information? An email?

  3. Miss seeing your videos, Nick! Nice job on this one! Greetings from Brazil!

  4. Alright Nick ! you have definitely got a knack for the early Beatles music ! Love your version of " I'll keep you satisfied " any chance of some more of they're obscure gems like " When I get home", or " I'll cry instead " ? Don't stop my friend !

  5. Thanks for the lesson.  I don't need it but I enjoyed your explanation of it and I bet there are lots of people who could really use this.

  6. ^^^^ just saying haha

  7. Everything's good, except that on the solo the harmonic is NOT on the 12th fret, actually is on the 5th fret, but still very good man, cheers!

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