Numb – Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson – Linkin Park – How to Play – Part 1

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  1. Very nice :)

  2. You good sir have just earned a subscriber! Excellent work! And I would like to add that I have been searching all over youtube for a decent version of this song and you are the only one who has delivered. It sounds amazing. And since I am an absolute beginner with the guitar, this will be my first ever attempt at fingerpicking, and the lesson is very easy to understand, so i would say you are a talented teacher as well. Thank you!

  3. Thank god for your tutorial. I was beginning to give up on learning this song but then I found yours. Thanks man!!!:)

  4. Никита Федотов

    Thanks! you lessons are awesome!

  5. Part 2 Please 😀 <3

  6. best tutorial out there. BIG THANKS BRO! I had found this tab before u and I was trying to learn myself but that was really hard. And now it is going straight forward with your video. I wish I could help you more then just a like comment and subscribe :)

  7. tabs on the screen would be much better than downloading them, helps us learn faster. Thanks for the effort though

  8. what is this guitar called that you are using in that tutorial ??

  9. You are absolutely AMAZING. Its because of you, I've become MUCH better at playing guitar! Thank you so much!

  10. thanks for sharing this!

  11. there's so much fun stuff to learn here … thnx man I really admire your affords

  12. I dont anyone has done a fingerstyle lesson of your still the one by shania twain

  13. Awesome! btw, where is ur hat?lol:D

  14. i really love your work most of the songs i know are from you and it would be so awesome if you could teach how to play beauty and the beast a beautiful song and there is not a single tutorial online thank you love your stuff

  15. could you do a lesson on Bob Dylans "when the ship comes in" or/and Johnny Cashs "the beast in me"? Thanks!

  16. Can you pleaaase do Cinderblock Garden By All Time low?

  17. awesome !

  18. Awesome tutorial man. Keep up the good work. I think you deserve way more subs than you have at the moment 

  19. TheDarkPrinceV I The Prince Gaming I

    Wow dude ! Very nice 😀
    Great lesson and very easy to learn thanks to you :)

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