Numb – Linkin Park: Acoustic Guitar Lesson EASY

Numb - Linkin Park: Acoustic Guitar Lesson EASY

How to play numb by linkin park on acoustic guitar. Beginner-Intermediate lesson with chords and strumming.
OPEN DESCRIPTION for section timings.


Beginner Course:



  1. RIP chester

  2. How should I play Havana without capo and in 1tab low tune plxxxxx

  3. How da hell is the rhythm going???? Someone please explain

  4. subbed! learned it

  5. Dude why does your guitar sounds so rich?

  6. Hi!
    Your tutorial is amazing and I was just wondering, what do I do if I don't have a capo? can I still play everything as normal?
    Thank you!

  7. Thank you god for making this!

  8. Very good tutorial

  9. Pedro Roberto Torres

    Made a document with the chords please.

  10. Febranto Banggawan

    very nice guys.. like this. thank you.

  11. Bro the other tabs of numb plz

  12. how is the strumming i dont get it

  13. Thanks mate, you made it really easy to pick it up!

  14. Thank U, dude!
    It's awesome!!!

  15. Love You!!!

  16. easy but great ! thanks !

  17. Just found myself the perfect teacher. Thank you.

  18. You have a unique and great way of teaching. Having different rhythm patterns for verse pre chorus and chorus not making it boring. Why don't you sing along while you are playing before or after the tutorial, whichever is comfortable to you. That would really help

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