Nutshell Guitar Lesson (Unplugged) Pt.1 – Alice in Chains – Chords and 1st Solo

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In this acoustic guitar lesson video series, I will show you how to play the MTV Unplugged version of “Nutshell” by Alice In Chains.

This Nutshell guitar lesson will cover not only the chords used throughout the song, but both of guitarist Jerry Cantrell’s acoustic solos note-for-note.

You will need to tune your guitar down one-half step in order to play along with the lesson and the original recording. Those notes are, starting from the 6th string, Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb.

In the first video, I will demonstrate the chords and rhythms used and Jerry Cantrell’s first solo.

Probably the trickiest part of mastering this song is the timing of the chord progression. In the video lesson, I will lay out what that timing technically is, but I also stress that it is much easier to simply learn how to feel the rhythm instead of counting it. After you can feel the timing of the chord changes, the chords themselves are very simple. It is simply the case of listening to it a lot to internalize the sound.

Also, in the first video will be Jerry Cantrell’s first guitar solo. Remember this is the Unplugged version of this song so the solos are played on acoustic guitar.

This solo is very melodic containing arpeggios and single note melodies. It really works well over the underlying chord progression.

In the second video lesson I will tackle Jerry Cantrell’s second solo that ends the song. This solo is very similar in style to the first except that it is a lot more extended which gives Cantrell a little more time to spread his wings and play some very nice acoustic soloing lines. Lots of fun to play!

Even though Alice In Chains never released “Nutshell” as a single, it has nonetheless become one of their most beloved songs. I hope this guitar lesson series will help you get it under your fingers quickly and easily!

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  1. I love this 360 lesson

  2. I get that you wanted to be accurate to the song, but I wish you hadn't tuned your guitar to E flat. Just keep it in E and mention that the whole thing is detuned by a half step.

  3. Can u play landing in london 3 doors down

  4. Denis Charpentier

    Ça démarre vraiment à 1:25

  5. Cool vid bro best tutorial ive seen for this song

  6. I'm a beginner but this song is one of main ones I'm excited to learn~

  7. what BPM should I set my metronome to?

  8. Face the path of time.

  9. Ian Francis Ledesma

    My favorite AIC song..I so wanted to learn how to play this, thank you!

  10. I'm an advanced guitarist (35 years) and I've got a very well developed ear. Every now and then I hit a wall. This one surprised me because, to me, it sounds deceptively simple. For whatever reason I just couldn't nail it. Thanks for including this 'cause I was planning on performing this so you saved my metaphorical ass. Excellent teacher. I hope you continue. Thanks again.

  11. Thanks so much! Solid lessons, and this is one of my favorite songs! A new patreon subscriber is on the way!

  12. Wow, that is so nice to hear! I'll continue watching now 🙂

  13. what is the tuning

  14. Robert X Schwartz

    That great divide is a beauty! Love the lesson. You rock man!

  15. you are the best!

  16. How do I tune it to this?

  17. Every set of tabs I've looked up had the song played at a full step so much easier and sound so much better playing at half thanks great tutorial

  18. Great lesson, having some issues with strumming pattern even though i lsowed it to a crawl. I got D ddud uududdudddddudud. Have a feel for it but not getting all the ups etc. Thanks.

  19. Thanks for showing me how to play favorite AiC song!

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