O Tannenbaum (O Christmas Tree) Fingerstyle Solo Acoustic Guitar Lesson with TAB

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FYI, the guitar I am playing in this video is a Faith Guitars Venus Cut.

In this O Tannenbaum guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play my fingerstyle solo acoustic arrangement of this much loved Christmas classic.

Be sure to grab the TAB for this lesson from the link below so you can more easily follow along with the video lesson. https://guitarlessons365.com/o-tannenbaum-o-christmas-tree-fingerstyle-solo-guitar-lesson-with-tab/

The entire song contains just two different sections that repeat. However, I have added a quick little intro and an ending using harmonics that you can play as well. Feel free to skip those parts though since they are not essential to the arrangement.

I have tried to keep it at an intermediate level. But there will be a few jazzy things thrown in there to keep it interesting.

In any case, I hope you guys enjoy learning this one. Let’s see if you can get it down before Christmas! 🙂

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  1. The Crowbrothers JaM

    please do kings of leon Find me

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  4. Hey Karl , yet another great lesson. But I was wondering , could u do a lesson for monkey wrench by the foo fighters ??

  5. Love the Faith Guitars. Guess you got it at Riff City. I looked into them and eventually I plan to own the jumbo one.

  6. Do 'you really got a hold on my'

  7. Do SNL I wish it was Christmas Today

  8. I was playing fade to black yesterday and my dad told me to learn a christmas song. I continued playing fade to black but now im gonna learn this. Its christmas time everyone! Thanks for the video, Carl, your videos are very helpful and thanks to you I can say to my friends that I can play the guitar 🙂 I hope you have a beatiful christmas!

  9. Thanks, this is exactly what I was searching for!

  10. Great rendition and I love that guitar CB. This suggestion may be a bit late but Greg Lake's I Believe in Father Christmas would be a nice tribute…or the less seasonal From the Beginning at a later date.

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  12. Владислав Александрович

    годняк ! ;)

  13. thank you!

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  16. Christ lives in all of us!!! What a GREAT vid!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS to YOU and your family. I wish you love and luck for your family. Thank you!

  17. Such a beautiful guitar you have what brand?

  18. 2:31 play it over and over again

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