OASIS – Champagne Supernova Guitar Lesson Tutorial – Easy Acoustic Song

OASIS - Champagne Supernova Guitar Lesson Tutorial - Easy Acoustic Song

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  1. I use your tutorials to complement my private lessons. This really helps so much. Thanks man

  2. Thank you as I was playing the intro as the verses..lol…

  3. That guitar sounds so nice!

  4. Although this guy does do good tutorials, his singing is awful when he suggests he thinks he's good by doing it at the start

  5. Andy, can you do a tutorial of D'You Know What I Mean? I love your videos, you've got a new subscripter.

  6. nice one andy

  7. Please do Morning glory and Supersonic soon 🙂

  8. He says 'By Oasis' sooooo great

  9. Oasis were the best! Hoping for a reunion

  10. Cheers Bruv awesome tutorial love this tune

  11. what strumming pattern is this in your strumming course ?

  12. Faze Pencilsharpener

    when ever i hear oasis its just like songs a steet performer would play in a place where people come on vacation

  13. He sings better than Oasis

  14. Your Oasis tutorials have been helpful to me. It would be very great if you will make a tutorial of Supersonic. Thank you in advance 🙂

  15. almost cried tears of joy when i saw this

  16. fantastic one of my favourite oasis songs

  17. 1st comment. Andy i have just recently gotten into playing guitar and you have been a big help thank you

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