Oasis – Don’t Look Back in Anger – Super Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs – Easy Beginner Guitar Lesson

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  1. I love how Marty plays the intro to "imagine" on accident and then refers to the song itself as being a "little beatleish", I see what you did there, haha. It is really heavily Beatles inspired sounding. Still a great song though, great work Marty

  2. Dude looks so baked

  3. How do you play the little luck in the intro?

  4. The "in to the chorus" part made me laugh :D

  5. Rizta Husni Ananda

    OMG!!! I've been playing this song for years and I have always used C G Am E7 F G C Am G chord. But you use C C/B Am E7 F G C Am G chord instead. It seems weird at first. But I have looked at other live performance videos and I think your version is definitely better. Thank you for the correction. Although I like the version of G : 320033 better. I was totally blown away. Amazing! :-)

  6. Igor Styles R.McQueen

    haha vou aprender a tocar e essa música vai ser uma das primeiras, com fé

  7. So jealous of your second name XD

  8. Marty only drank 2 beers before this. True pro.

  9. That f chord is a bitch!!!

  10. Very confusing but I shall persevere!

  11. I can't do bar chords, it soundshorrible and isn't getting any better

  12. Hate trying to play oasis. SUCKS ASS ! lol

  13. Is this guy stoned all the time…. He looks it 😀

  14. been practicing cant do it with shitty guitars

  15. Hey Marty,Been at Guitar about a year now,Have learned penatonic scales,Am currently learning Modes,Have E Phrygian and C Ionian down.I cant sing to save my life,,see my vids for proof.But I know my way around the board a bit better now.
    Anyway,I dont think i would have learned as quickly without your tuiton,so thanks a milion man,I find you to be the best teacher,even if Jen Trani is better looking.That other guy who commented about his grades is a prize p****,you know the one I'm referring to.

  16. will the beatles ever get back together . they did their called oasis.:)

  17. Its not beatlelish sounding, that was done by intention of noel 😉 anyway great tutorial

  18. Could you teach us "You know my name" by Chris Cornell – Bond song! No-one has really done a tutorial on it

  19. thanks

  20. thanks

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