Oasis Rock 'n' Roll Star Guitar Lesson

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7:50 Capo 2 version
16:49 NO capo version
22:27 Main Solo!

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  1. Malandro parece que tá ensinando pra retardado seloko kkkkkkkk

  2. Thanks mate ✌️

  3. Never heard of this America!? What are you on about!?

  4. I would like to know how did you make your guitar sound exactly as in the song

  5. As an American, I feel triggered that you would insult our musical taste. JK, it’s entirely justified, but actually I’ve found most of my favorite bands tend to be from the UK. There are some of us with taste across the pond!

  6. This lesson is pukka mate, not too fast not too slow, absolute chewn too

  7. Biblical

  8. Awesome tutorial

  9. bored in quarantine

    B I B L I C A L

  10. Luv the "okie dokie?"s

  11. If you are watching in America what song is this? Are you kidding me. They have been big here since they came out. If you are talking about morons who listen to Taylor swift then I get it

  12. Please make a lesson of Supersonic! Keep going! I appreciate your work ❤️

  13. Holy crap, 1M subscribers! Respect, young man, thank you for all you do!

  14. The tabs you have on your website just direct me to some dumb guitar app 🙁

  15. The meth gig skipped the first note of the intro lead part, but they got it perfect on the restart after Guigsy's bass blew up.

  16. solo parts are way to slow

  17. mathewcoz thegamer1502

    Nice lesson! Thank you!

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