Oasis – Wonderwall Style Chord Progression – EASY – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Rhythm


Oasis – Wonderwall Style Chord Progression – EASY – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Rhythm Brett Papa papastachepop papastache102 papastache
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  1. Been playing scinse January figured it was time cause I can't remember when I didn't have a guitar , I'm a couch jammer lol,but it's nice to show up at a party and sing and play for family and friends. Thanks for your help .

  2. I've only been playing for a month now and have found different strumming patterns very difficult. This lesson helped me out a lot, thanks for the videos!

  3. Fishy fanny

  4. guitar litrly rocks

  5. can you do sleeping sickness by city and colour

  6. Can you show me how to play "Nobody Knows It But Me" by Kevin Sharpe

  7. not sure what i like more, the mustache or the lesson XD

  8. Love love love this guys lessons but if you want it to sound like the record you need a capo on 2

  9. What is the fourth chord?! You dont say or show where your fingers are

  10. I'm a beginner guitar player and that looked like one of the best lessons I've seen on YouTube so far so well done

  11. Matthew Derbyshire

    Hi i have
    just started any song you can reccomened me to learn

  12. the build up is really nice…. it kinda get u in mood to automatically catch the original tune … thanks 😀

  13. Thank you

  14. Alejandro DiazGranados

    Dude I need some help with Foo Fighters' Monkey Wrench, can you please do that one?

  15. Are you oats?? From hall and oats? Would love your series on dvd. My husband left me , so I decided to learn guitar as a therapeutic way to heal and focus on me. Thanks for doing this. You're awesome!

  16. 5:15 sounds like Green Days Boulevard of Broken Dreams…. weird

  17. Byrums Bird Rescue

    Dude Im trying to grow a stache like you got. Do you use a stencil for that LMAO!

  18. Joel Kim Bolivar Bermudo

    Hey i know now why it has the same sound similar to boulevard of broken dreams its because it has the exact same chords… heheheehehehe now i just need to change the strumming pattern and i got myself 2 songs thanks…=

  19. Joel Kim Bolivar Bermudo

    I take it back its really obvious it has the similarity to boulevard of broken dreams ,it does sound the same.

    Maybe because you didn't use capo…..

    But hey i'm just a begginer i just listened and it has the similarity to the other song.

    And thanks
    you teach me 2 , in just one song

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