Octopus’s Garden – The Beatles – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

An acoustic guitar lesson of my interpretation of the classic Beatles song – Octopus’s Garden. Loads more free lessons can be found at Guitar Tutor Man’s official website: http://guitar.freemovies.co.uk where you can also find a song sheet for this video 🙂 Please support my video creation by clicking here: http://www.gofundme.com/guitar-tutor-man 🙂
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  1. Hi there – Please share my website (where you can find a song sheet for this video) via Twitter or Facebook if you get the chance.  Best wishes  – Alan 🙂   http://guitar.freemovies.co.uk/

  2. Edina Marco Román

    Thanks, teacher

  3. Do you play the high e string when playing B chord or do you mute it with your ring finger?

  4. I believe this is gonna help me outta my missery,thanks!

  5. Absolutely amazing! Greetings from China.

  6. I can do the the crazy intro on guitar yet somehow I can't do a B chord. I don't understand.
    great video by the way

  7. Bravissimo, Alan mi stai aiutando molto, grazie!

  8. muito bom ,,,otimo professor,,,,parabens

  9. thanks, you have teach me a lots of songs in English

  10. Super comme toujours merci !

  11. you and another youtuber taught me how to play the guitar. I wanna say thank you very much!

  12. Андрей Прядилов

    Mr Robinson, you aren't become old, you are young even now

  13. You are impressive man! I'm hooked! Cheers from Colombia! Any way you could upload a video for Wild Horses and You can't always get what you want by the Stones? I would very very much appreciate it!

  14. Great lesson Alan, you sound like Ringo!

  15. the Master plan Oasis

  16. hey my friend can u sing Nirvana – Dumb pleas

  17. Thanks for my favorite Beatles song!) Greetings from Russia)

  18. Me encanta tu canal 🙂 saludos desde España.
    pd: can yo do a guitar lesson of "feel like we only go backward" artic monkeys version please?

  19. Great cover!
    I was wondering if you can make the tutorial from "Come A Little Bit Closer by Jay & The Americans" 😀
    Keep it up!

  20. Naufal Arya Raihasa

    please make tutorial "new prespective" by panic at the disco

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