Old Man – Neil Young – Acoustic Guitar Lesson (ST-905) How to play

In this guitar lesson we’re going to look in depth at Old Man by Neil Young, from the legendary Harvest album. Lots more Neil on the way to please subscribe 🙂

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  1. Alberto Moreno

    Great Lesson! is more complicated than I thought but sounds absolutlely PERFECT!!! Congrats and Thanx to you. I really love this song

  2. WOW! I really enjoyed that lesson. I liked your teaching me the timing as much as i liked you showing me fretting. You are an excellent teacher. I really love this song? but i got more than just the song from this. Loved the pick hand lesson as well. THank you very much

  3. Dear Justin,
    many thanks for this great and excellent lesson. Good to have it that detailed from time to time. You're right in saying, better "feel" it, but the detail you showed sometimes help to understand Neil's songs better. I will listen now to Neil Young songs in a different way :-)

  4. someone direct me to the 'run up' between verse and chorus?

  5. Lucienne Colombo

    EXCELLENT!!!!!! Love this! Thank you!

  6. Very good tutorial, very concise! BTW have you ever encountered copyright issues with artists or do you obtain their express permission? Thanks again from mid-Canada.

  7. Martial Parisis

    great lesson Justin . Thanks a lot from Belgium .

  8. Great lesson , cheers

  9. Alan Shillington

    thanks for posting all these old neil young songs mate,,,,love neils stuff and you explain it all so well,,,so cheers from australia and keep up the video's

  10. I don't know if I already told you, but I really like your guitar lessons. Very clear explanations, everything seems so easy when you explain. You're definitely one of the best online guitar teachers. Great job!

  11. i find it really hard to learn from you :/

  12. You should teach us how to play dacin' across the USA by Lindsey Buckingham

  13. lol fkn hell, wow this is a hard one! I LOVE THE CHALLENGE xD

  14. I threw my guitar away after watching this.

  15. Great Song! Justin could you do a video teaching Ordinary World from Duran Duran?

  16. This was a great lesson, very detailed. Thank you so much. This is the next song on my list.

  17. Not so easy, now I think I am getting it, but the right hand is the tricky bit

  18. It's a really easy song

  19. Wait,
    Is that felt you have on your pickguard?I I keep my fingernails long for fingerpicking but when I am strumming (especially muting like this) and soloing my nails tap on the pickguard. Is that why you use it? The tapping is so annoying, especially when recording. I try to be conscious about it and I tried the felt but thought it effected the sound so I took it off. Just wondering if that's why you use it and if you thought it effected the sound of your guitar.

  20. jimmycrackorn28

    Awesome break down of the song. took me 3 months of trying off and on to get all the intricate parts down but well woth it! Thanks for the tutorial Justin!

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