Old School FUNK – Bass guitar Lesson – Andy Irvine

Old School FUNK – Bass guitar Lesson – Andy Irvine
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  1. Love it, Andy. Thank you very much.

  2. There are lots of good bass players doing tutorials but lots of the stuff they play would never be suitable to use in a live band and while a good exercise to learn, it would be useless to play in a band. I really like Andy's videos because he selects some of the greatest bass lines, some simple and some complex and challenging which seem to be more suited to playing in a band rather in your dark bedroom alone at night. More Grease, Andy! .

  3. Great bass tune and an awesome tone!

  4. What is the name of this bass???

  5. Thanks Andy, this lick is going straight into the arsenal, once I get it down of course. 

  6. Thats Good (y)

  7. This would actually make a good solo riff!

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