Old West Acoustic Lesson

Old West Acoustic Lesson

I’ve always been a fan of both Old West style movies and their accompanying soundtracks. This lesson takes inspiration from the dusty, arid landscapes of yore, exploring hybrid picking technique and adding a moving bass line within a natural minor context.

Equipment & Lesson Info:-

Guitar is an Eastman AC-508 tuned to standard, recorded with a Zoom H2.

Music & Lesson Copyright © 2018 Corey Hunter.
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  2. Hell yeah man, I love this

  3. Luv u should make more videos with acoustic… Great view

  4. Unshaken cover please!!! Lol

  5. Dude, do uaral acides play?

  6. simple but soo good

  7. Plz more atmospheric / dreamy Guitar Tutorials <3

  8. Someone's been playing RDR2…LOL

  9. Matko Max Pogačić

    awesomeness again you amaze me, wanna see a riff i made up because of your influence? I'll make a video later today 🙂

  10. Lol just when RDR2 is out nice

  11. Can you please give us a death metal guitar lesson buddy I get alot out of your videos and I need to learn how to play it right

  12. Sounds similar to a System of the Down song I tried to learn long ago.

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