ONCE I LOVED – Guitar LESSON – Chord Melody – Latin Standard + TAB

Note for note guitar tutorial on Once I Loved (O Amor Em Paz). Learn this great Bossa Nova Standard in CHORD MELODY!

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Once I loved or O Amor Em Paz is another one of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s masterpieces. It became a Latin standard a long while ago.It hast kind of a slow melody, while there are plenty of chord changes.
In this guitar tutorial I’ll teach you my chord melody arrangement of Once I loved. So you will learn how to play the Once I loved guitar chords plus the melody simultaniously. This is called chord melody style or solo instrumental for guitar.

I’ll teach you note for note, slow and easy. I’ll show you all the Once I Loved guitar chords and the bossa nova rhythm. Although the rhythm is shown in a seperate guitar tutorial of mine, so we won’t waste too much time on that.

I made the Once I Loved chord melody arrangement as easy as possible without making it sound bland or boring.
In this guitar lesson you will learn some great jazz guitar chords and the melody, packed into an easy to understand guitar lesson.

Since Bossa Nova is a substyle of Jazz, the latin composers used jazz harmonies. That means you will learn a lot about jazz guitar chords and arrangement. I also teach you a little theory, whenever I think it helps you

understand the composition better. This enables you to learn a standard or any song better by heart.

I’ve alos made the Once I Loved TABS and Backing Tracks. there is a slow and a fast version of the Backing tracks, so you can start practicing right away.

I hope you like my Once I Loved guitar lesson as much as I enjoyed teaching you O Amor Em Paz.
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Hugs, Sandra 🙂


  1. That is a wonderful song. Thanks for always doing such an amazing job for all us understudies! Have you considered posting a performance? I don’t know if you play in a club or with a band but I am sure it would be enjoyed by all your subscribers. Jens Larsen has a great jazz instructional channel also but you teach us songs which I really appreciate. God bless and hope it is summer in Austria! It is nice here on Long Island NY USA.

  2. Gran tema Jobim. Esquisto.

  3. James Margulis

    This one's new to me, but I like it. Thx for introducing me to new songs, Sandra.

  4. One of my all time favorites! Thanks for posting this!!!

  5. Andis Galaxysvieractive

    Bossa Nove, the most relaxed music for me.

  6. Gerd Van Juuten

    What an underraed gem! I've known this tune for half my life, always loved it! Thanks for teaching me this lovely version!

  7. Chord Melody, fantastic! I'm not sure I'm familiar with this one, although I seem to have a desire to bring my plate to the buffet. A lovely tune. Gracias and thanks

  8. Alexander Altago

    Bossa Nova and Latin are my favorites, even it takes more time to get the feeling for it. Thanks for the lesson!

  9. Always enjoy the Bossa Nova songs – get the jam on!  Thank you Sandra, I so look forward to working on this monster!

  10. Well, didn't know that one – sounds great! Cool study. Thx, and keep on the good work, Sandra.

  11. You have such beautiful eyes….I'm going to enjoy learning this tune. You play it with great rhythm and feel. Many thanks, Sandra.

  12. how beautiful bossa nova thank you very much excellent explanation congratulations !!! greetings from Argentina

  13. You should have a brazillion subscribers.

  14. I knew I heard this song once, but I couldn't remember liking it so much as I do now – thank you! Great Lesson as always…

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