One Direction – Little Things – How To Play – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – EASY Song – Chords

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One Direction – Little Things – How To Play – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – EASY Song – Chords Brett Papa Papastachepop papastache papastachecountry papastache102
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  1. Thank you a lot

  2. it looks like you wanna rock on and you can't!! you missed the: YEEEAAHH welcome welcome WELCOME!! to papastache!! haha 🙁 daamn, pop songs are killing your spirit mate hahaha 🙁

  3. more than I can say by leo sayer…plz do this guitar lesson sir

  4. Damn fuck

    What are you doing

  5. mi a faszt csinálsz? legyezed a kecskét? xd

  6. please do easy version of keith urban's without you

  7. taken by one direction pls

  8. which chords do you need? please help 🙁

  9. Thanks!
    This helps a lot 😀

  10. I love you

  11. what do u do at 7;48?

  12. Who else is doing this cause their girlfriend is having a bad day?

  13. So you can keep your ring and pinky finger down the entire time during the Intro and verse?

  14. Whats the strumming pattern for this?

  15. i dont want to talk about it

  16. Julienne Marie Develos

    Does he have a plucking version with the same chords and no capo? Can you please make one!!!!!

  17. Everyone Is Beautiful

    I am so lost and when I play the chords most of me don't come out right I'm listening to what he's saying but I would definitely not recommend this to a beginning player

  18. Glad you are doing their songs!!!!!!

  19. Habiba Alhoussainy

    Can someone please help? My guitar doesn't make that sound. Like, it makes a 'thick' sound..and when I strum it isn't as soft as his 🙁 any ideas to what shall I do ? 

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