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  1. Very new to this, but why are you playing the 5th fret instead of the opens? Thanks.

  2. I've been playing this song since 1978 and I've no idea what he's on about.

  3. Use a pick and play the open strings.

  4. Hey guys, why don't you do your own videos?
    Keep going Fin, I learn a lot with you, and I like your person.

  5. alvaro leon de la vega

    Dude this sucks

  6. Paper Box (BoxPaperProductions)

    I know it's splitting hairs, but you aren't playing the main riff correctly.

  7. Good job dude

  8. too much unnecessary finger shift

  9. please get the notes right at least.

  10. Not very good…

  11. this is the worst video i found on how to play this song. why all so complicate? why not say the notes? and it's missing a very important part

  12. love the big eyes at the end. thank you very much :)

  13. first real song i ever learned… thanks

  14. Great vid! Thanks for sharing. 
    I'd like to add that the A and D are most often played with open notes. This also makes it easier. There is more of course during the sax and guitar solos. But this is a great start to playing bass for a great Floyd song.

  15. Scott Van de Motter

    Why don't you say the notes? 2nd fret of the E string is so clunky to say.

  16. what bass is he using?

  17. Your gray guitar is so cool! And thanks for the lesson. I'm going to noodle around with this one tonight :-D

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