“Only the Lonely” Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Roy Orbison, Chris Isaak

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Hello friends,
and welcome to another song tutorial made easy. In this acoustic guitar lesson, I’ll break down how to play the Chris Isaak version of the Roy Orbison classic “Only the Lonely.” I’ll take you through the rhythm sections of the intro, verse and chorus and also the catchy lead guitar part heard in the Chris Isaak version. Let’s get started!

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  1. Your recordings sound great; nice and crisp..

  2. Great lesson Rob!

  3. jean-claude jacquemin

    Very great rendition – love it very much. All the best.

  4. Phoenix vera-miller

    So clean

  5. Superb cover Yeah ! 😉

  6. Soo good.. Tq

  7. Cool=Bacana! 🙂

  8. At :58 in the video your going G and then to F. But in the tutorial later. You show that you go to F before G? Maybe im too much of a noob still.

  9. Fantastic

  10. another very well explained guitar lesson thanks again jan 2018

  11. thank you very much great lesson.

  12. ♥ it!

  13. awesome lesson thank you.

  14. What does it cost for lesson john

  15. I gotta keep learning how to play it in guitar class

  16. Great video, thank you……Good to see you voted Trump too..All the best from England, UK.

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