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Open G tuning guitar lesson Rolling Stones Black Crowes use – In this lesson we teach you a very cool guitar tuning – open G tuning. Its a fun and easy tuning that will open many doors for your playing. It is a very common tuning and used often by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones as well as the Black Crowes and many other artists and bands.
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  1. I really like these kind of lessons.

  2. Love ya man but less talk, more teach please. Close ups of that left hand would help loads

  3. Marty seems stoned in this one, pun intended

  4. You wanna have fun…grab a slide (broken beer bottle top) I'm a drummer screwing around learning guitar and I can do it! Thank You

  5. Michael Mendillo

    What a waste of time this is,,,

  6. Hi Marty, like your channel, nice playing. Is it possible to actually teach a song in this tuning? Fractions of songs impresses the unknowing but when it comes to performing, half a minute of a song doesn't go very far. Thanks

  7. great..go you …got the short cuts…click click…click clik click

  8. Just get into it jeez

  9. Opinions are for arseholes,usually by people who want to smooth their ego's but who am I to judge.cheers Marty .

  10. D-G-D-G-B-G Call it DoG DoG Bad Dog 🙂

  11. Your videos are pretty cool but put that guitar back in the closet and get on another one that one no sound good at all.

  12. … now i see the shape….lol

  13. Good show Marty

  14. Great job Marty!

  15. Know Music Man

    Peter Frampton Wind of Change

  16. Spot on,, great work

  17. Awesome lesson ! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and understanding

  18. homesick clifford

    Dugadugabuda. I got it !!!..G acronym Hey Marty ya gots a deal wit Brixton hats looks good on ya. Be honest last thing I wanna sound like is Stones…Son House R Johnson OK…but can't stand that whole Brit wannabe black shit ….fags

  19. Dont get down, get baked dude! (DGDGBD)

  20. You still see David

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