Open Position Acoustic Guitar Fills Lesson

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If you like this lesson, order our “Guitar Concepts” DVD, which (among many other lessons) teaches how to find your way all across the guitar neck, and come up with ideas like in this video – tasteful scale and arpeggio fills. You will become fluent at finding the “right notes” all across the fretboard and be able to create lead guitar lines.
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  1. The tabs for this are back online – sorry had lost them briefly!

  2. Nice video. Great wee lesson. Excellent camera position .

  3. please move that thumb behind the neck, please.

  4. This is great just what I need at this time in my laboured development! And a great way to visually explain it…many thanks ! Subbed !

  5. Very helpful. Thanks

  6. finally, someone who knows how to position the camera for a tutorial vid!

  7. book marked

  8. looking for some videos feom your tutorials.hope nextime u will teach about the strings that you hit while doing some chords on the other side. thanks…God bless

  9. the chord progression sounds similar to a Bowie song.

  10. First, I'm digging the guitar. Secondly, thanks for the effective lesson/video. Lastly, I hope you've put on new strings since haha. Thanks!

  11. I enjoyed the session. GOOD IDEAS. Thanks

  12. Brilliant, really helps to stitch chords together. thanx

  13. Very nice informative video. Thanks!

  14. I love the overhead angle shot , good idea !

  15. It's hard to concentrate on what you're playing with your thumb constantly in the way…not even kidding. Your hands must be massive!

  16. great lessons..I was looking for the exact thing to learn….

  17. that was tasty 

  18. this put a lot together for me. If you could go just a bit slower? thanks.

  19. In case anyone is wondering F# works over the G chord because it's the 7th note of the G major scale.  However it is not in the G Pentatonic scale b/c the Pentatonic removes the 4th and the 7th tones of the associated major scale that it comes from.  It still sounds correct if used.  You just won't sound bluesy.

  20. Just  subscribed to your channel thanks, this was very informative

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