Open Tuning B-E-B-E-B-E Acoustic Guitar Lesson With Scott Grove

Open Tuning B-E-B-E-B-E Acoustic Guitar Lesson With Scott Grove

Scott Grove
Groovy Music Lessons
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  1. Love this guy

  2. Awesome tuning. What is the thickest gauge string on that acoustic guitar?

  3. Mohsin Ahmed Vlogger

    Hello Groovy i m beginner i had a guitar, i want to buy new one pls recommend me the one and only Guitar, whether it is electric or acoustic.

  4. Very cool, Thanx 😉

  5. 6:09 sounded like lightning crashes..

  6. My favorite tunes style DADAD or this ! that's very good to play peacefull ! the chord for you make is a Octave ?

  7. I recommend Fat Tuner for tuning any instrument

  8. Very helpful. Not useless.

  9. Thank you.

  10. Thought it sounded familiar but original song is in A I think and standard tuning. Much easier getting this sound your way and saves on a twelve string.

  11. Authentic Person #987123

    Looks like fun. I'll give it a go.

  12. My pluk is gold and black

  13. So many guitars

  14. fuck thats a shitload of guitars on the wall

  15. Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls is played in B-D-D-d-d-d which a similar tuning. You just use the low B for bass notes.

  16. Shine by Collective Soul from the 90's

  17. Shine….is the tune you are looking for…Collective Soul

  18. Scott, you look very good……. healthy. All the best, my friend. – Blind John

  19. The Vortex Of Doom

    I love the demonic laugh at the end. Enjoy wrecking your guitars, hmmm.

  20. I was watching for a shot of the headstock to identify the guitar but NO CHANCE,,,,,,,, could anyone tell me what kind of a guitar he plays????

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