Ordinary World Guitar Tutorial – Green Day Guitar Lesson – Easy Acoustic Songs For Guitar

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Most requested song at “MartyMusic” this week!
How to play Green Day’s “Ordinary World” on acoustic guitar. Capo on the 7th fret and it’s all easy open chords from there.
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  1. Mattias Whitehead

    im just asking do u think its possible to play this song on electric guitar and get nearly an acoustic sound resemblence

  2. Thanks soooo much I am sure my wife will be so shocked when I learn this. Thanks for helping make my anniversary special

  3. The Vertex extraordinaire

    Great job

  4. The Vertex extraordinaire

    I absolutely love this song

  5. What kind of tuning

  6. Please make the Duran duran one

  7. What’s the tuning?

  8. Smooth voice guitar ^-^, thanks for informasion

  9. Northern Irish Gamer
  10. Super man u a real teacher now I complete know how to play this , this my fav song actually but I don't play better than urs but thank man

  11. Could you please do give me novacaine

  12. Ayan Ghosh Dastidar

    Hey congratulations for 1m subs


    Do I need to use a capo? Just asking because I don't have one.

  14. S. Luciferriando

    hi…… it is so amazing……
    specially u nd ur guitar sir…..
    i have recently did a cover of the song, please please please check it on…..
    i know u r much more talented and experienced than me….
    that's why I have requested you..
    here my latent try: https://youtu.be/YgZnlAf44N4

  15. Hi! I'm from Russia. Please, can you write all chords? 'Cause I'm don't understand some things))

  16. thank u so much

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