Over the Hills and Far Away Guitar Lesson Pt.2 – Led Zeppelin

Over the Hills and Far Away Guitar Lesson Pt.2 - Led Zeppelin

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This video guitar lesson series is a big one, the classic “Over the Hills and Far Away” by Led Zeppelin.

With liberal use of hammer-ons and pull-offs and some quick chord strumming the great Jimmy Page created an acoustic intro that sets the mood of the song up perfectly for the latter more aggressive full band sections.

But the trouble with that is that we have to play all those tricky little hammer-ons or pull-offs on an acoustic guitar, something many guitar players would rather avoid. 🙂

But fret not (pun intended), in this Over The Hills And Far Away Guitar Lesson I will break down all those tricky little acoustic guitar parts into an easy to understand pattern.

I think learning this intro riff is a great opportunity for just about every guitarist to strengthen their fret hands while playing a riff that sounds really cool. And if you are playing this riff well it definitely is a head turner. 🙂

I think my favorite playing of Jimmy Page is usually with his acoustic stuff. He seems to be at his best both technically and creatively with an acoustic guitar in his hands. That is very apparent with this opening riff to “Over the Hills and Far Away”.

In the second video lesson I will tackle all of the electric rhythm guitar parts throughout the rest of the song. There is song really great stuff to play here so don’t stop learning after that intro!

These riffs are great exercises in everything from muting to quick chord changes. However, nothing is too overly difficult either. 🙂

In the third video lesson I will teach you a note-for-note breakdown of Jimmy Page’s killer guitar solo for “Over Hills and Far Away”. This solo ventures into many different territories and techniques so take your time and learn it phrase by phrase like I teach it in the lesson. Have Fun!!

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  1. What is the theory behind that ascending harmonic sequence ?

  2. windrabani nugraha


  3. so good

  4. Luciano Does Singing

    where's that confounded bridge from the intro to the rest of the song?

  5. what is the tone for the song Carl? i can do the song, but the tone is my trouble, also, great job on these videos. Ive learned a lot from your videos and i love how you break it down. keep it up please, thanks again!!!

  6. stag3t-m uspsa

    this is why I come here…I learn a lot here…awsome…

  7. Thank you a lot dude… you're awesome!

  8. how long does it take you to learn a song Carl?

  9. Lovely

  10. This is awesome. I don't see a link to the solo though. Is it still being created? (would make sense!) Thanks!

  11. CoverCritic Shane

    Janes addixtion ripped that rythym figure in one of their songs.

  12. Nice playing, sweet strat and a great lesson. Thanks 

  13. Christian Valerio

    Please do a lesson on One Light Left in Heaven fingerpicking by blue rodeo

  14. The stuff going down underneath the solo is what makes Page Page.  Sheer genius…

  15. Carl , beyond the realm of death n another great lesson ofcourse 🙂

  16. Classic Song, great lesson!

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