Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Main Riff & Verse

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Lesson Taught by: Carl Brown
Video Rating: / 5


  1. if anybody could tell me how to play THIS riff on the BASS guitar, i would love that so i could mock my brother who's learning this on guitar

  2. This is the most helpful crazy train tutorial out their! THXS guitarlessons365song, every one else's videos are pretty much trash for tutorial, I'm right at the fill part of the song.

  3. Is this in standard 440 tuning ?

  4. eugene mcloughlin

    god dam thats hard

  5. much obliged

  6. What effects are used?

  7. This is so awesome and i can't wait to watch and to learn how to play the solo of
    this bad ass song.Tnx for this bro!

  8. Shahrin Nakkhatra

    alternate picking or all downstrokes?

  9. Doesn't sound right.

  10. Sounds awesome Thanks 🙂

  11. I like Michael Angelo Batio version more the the original

  12. I don't understand what is the best way to do those muted notes in the verse, should I use alternate picking? two downstrokes and one upstroke? Right now I do it starting with a downstroke

  13. Corbin Blacquiere

    You should do the Pokemon theme song

  14. Hey Carl, I know you get a lot of these, but maybe (in the near future) you could do another ozzy lesson? "The Road to Nowhere" is an amazing tune to play on guitar. Keep up the amazing work! Have been teaching myself guitar for over 1 and a half years now with your help.
    Cheers from Berlin!

  15. if you want, you can also hit open a string whenever he goes 5th on E string in the intro, it sounds the same and it might be easier for you.

  16. What tune is it

  17. what kind of strings are you using?

  18. Great tutorial. Keep up the good work, man.

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