Ozzy Osbourne – Flying High Again Guitar Lesson – Randy Rhoads

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In this Flying High Again guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play all of Randy Rhoads’ guitar parts for this Ozzy Osbourne song off of the Diary Of A Madman album.

The tuning is Eb tuning. That is, starting from the 6th string, Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb.

Randy Rhoads’ brief two album tenure with Ozzy before his tragic death, produced some incredibly cool guitar based music that still lives on a few decades later. One of my personal favorites being Flying High Again.

The riffs are catchy and relatively easy to play. So hopefuly, you will be able to knock those out in no time.

The solo has everything from fast blues based licks, rapid alternate picked licks and rapid repeated legatos licks with it all culminating in the very dramatic sounding tapping sequences that end the solo. I will take you through each phrase of the solo note-for-note. #flyinghighagainguitarlesson #ozzyosbourne #randyrhoads #guitarcovers

Have fun! Carl…
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  1. This guy is my favorite lesson guy on YouTube. As a self-taught guitar player who learned everything by ear I don't know all the chords and notes and strings so it's difficult for me to watch some lessons because they make it so technical with naming each of the Frets some chords and sad as it is I just don't know all that stuff this guy does the same thing but he still makes the lessons easy enough to where you can play along and figure it out….

  2. Gilberto De Paula

    Awesome. Man: could you teach us someday that song Only, from Anthrax? Thanks!

  3. Can you make Believer next?

  4. You should do thank god for the bomb by ozzy.

  5. I love your Ozzy lessons! Can you make a Countdown's Begun tutorial please?

  6. I love your Ozzy lessons! Can you make a Countdown's Begun tutorial please?

  7. Blackbird alter bridge?

  8. Awesome video lesson, thanks for posting this video!!!!

  9. Love me some Randy Rhoads. Keep it up Carl you're the best!!!

  10. Hey can you teach the solo for 25 or 6 to 4

  11. Neon by John Mayer

  12. Great song Carl!! You haven’t done zeppelin in a while, are you going to teach the lemon song? Or custard pie? Thanks for all the great lessons

  13. Cristian Contrario

    Yeah! Randy, my favorite♥ Thanks for the awesome lesson, Carl. Cheers from Italy!

  14. Once again, AWESOME!!

  15. orlandoguitarist

    More Randy Rhodes, please! Thank you!

  16. Killer lesson more randy lessons for sure

  17. U r the best

  18. Great lesson! Fantastic Song!
    Thank you very much! Any Randy Rhoads is Always Great!

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