Paint It Black Guitar Lesson – Rolling Stones

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In this Paint It Black guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this awesome song by The Rolling Stones on acoustic guitar.

The tuning is a bit strange on the original recording. You need to have a capo at the 2nd fret, but you will still sound a little bit flat of the original recording. You will need to either slightly tune each string up, or place an mp3 of the track into software like Seventh String’s “Transcribe” to slightly detune the recording so you can play along with it in tune. That is what I needed to due in order to transcribe this song.

I will be arranging the sitar melodies for guitar and they sound really nice on an acoustic guitar. There is also some rhythm guitar work under the sitar melodies that I will cover just in case you have a second guitarist you can jam this with.

I will go through each section of the song in the order that it appears on the recording. There are a lot of repeats so hopefully you will get this great song under your fingers in no time! #paintitblackguitarlesson #rollingstones #guitarcovers #faithguitars

Thanks! Carl…
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  1. You're amazing Carl. Just amazing. Thank you. Once again.

  2. You can tune the 6th string in D and play it instead of the 4th string

  3. Thanks Carl,
    I learn the half of the song I know by watching your videos

  4. Exist by avenged sevenfold!!

  5. Good job, thanks for posting this video. Paint it black has always been one of my favorite Stones songs

  6. can you make a sodom – napalm in the morning lesson?

  7. Hey Carl can you do Spanish Caravan by The Doors ??

  8. Can you teach "I Just Want to Sleep" by Nirvana

  9. Why's everything different?

  10. Could you teach how to play Metallica – no remorse next? Love learning songs from you.

  11. Oh man. I broke my high e I’m sad now

  12. Please do Holy Diver by Dio ☺ would really appreciate it!

  13. You're an amazing instructor Carl. You have definitely found your calling and I thank you for sharing it with us!

  14. Please do Hypnotize by System Of A Down!

  15. Евгений Мельтюхов


  16. INeedAttention exe

    Still would like some Queensryche, not enough good lessons on them on youtube

  17. Hello Mr. Brown, please all the songs by Led Zeppelin. Thank you, What is and what should never be, thats the way, many many more bu zeppelin, bring it on!

  18. Have you ever thought of doing Mastodon?

  19. Can you teach unskinny bob

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