Paint It Black – Rolling Stones – Guitar Lesson (ST-332) How to play it right!

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Paint It Black-Rolling Stones
More Info:
In this guitar lesson we’re going to learn how to play Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones. We’ll learn the intro and the riff as well as the chord parts so you can play the whole song. We’re going to look at the way Keith plays it live now too!

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  1. Diego Martínez

    Thanks my friend excelnte eplanation !!!

  2. When you learn on an accoustic because youre electric is brocken … :'[

  3. Dennys Rodrigues

    do you have a pdf tablature or text?

  4. Joeys_Gaming_empire

    can you play this song on an acoustic guitar

  5. SoulHealingBeats Blackdemon

    What about this part at the ending with the humming and were he shouts:" I wanna see it painted painted painted, painted Black"? Is it one of the shown parts or just a little variation?

  6. what effects could I use to get a sound similar to the one in this video?

  7. this was one of the first songs that made me fall in love with music aged 11! i'm 20 now and teaching myself guitar and it feels fantastic to be able to play this and make it passably sound like the original ♡ thank you Justin

  8. wowwwwww!!!!!! Excellent you play it Great!!!!!

  9. Another great lesson illustrating alternate picking. I remember playing this when the song was relatively new. I'm almost 60 now and been playing off and on since I was 8. I love playing and am still learning songs I used to listen to years ago and still do.

  10. Nice & tight turtorial Justin.Pretty much covered it all.Some pretty tricky rhythms and picking patterns.I,ve watched a few turtorials all using a capol,rather not use one or i try not to.But u r usually on point.Thks for what u do.

  11. I cant seem to play it fast enough. Any advice on how to play it faster ?

  12. Its possible to play this song on strat?

  13. 666k

  14. Sunshine of your love

  15. this song is so awesome i love it so much who remebers this in twisted metal black? haha

  16. nice tele

  17. Dude>>.Gotta play this tune for a gig & Im saying to myself>>WTF the is deal with this crazy tuning between 440 & 435. I grew up on Metal so never got to this song till now. I know it was recorded on a Sitar but that would still be standard tuning even with a Capo raising i a step… I assumed it was the LSD (: OR to make it hard for Cats 2 play it back then!

  18. Really good lesson, That's the way Keith played it in 1990, but he does change it up once in a while with the capo but this version is the one I prefer, just pull the guitar out of the case and giver!

  19. When do you do upstrokes?

  20. elijah gonzalez

    Great tutorial and awesome telecaster, thanks Justin!

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