Palm Muting Technique – Beginner Guitar Lesson

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This lesson is intended to show beginning guitarists or any guitarist that has no experience with palm muting, how the technique is practiced. Palm muting creates a very percussive sound that can be used in many styles of music, but is probably most recognized for its use in hard rock and metal.

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Lesson Taught By: Carl Brown
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  1. This is probably the best guitar channel on YouTube. Keep up the good work!

  2. Battlefield Counterstrike

    I wonder what guitar & amp he's using.

  3. i remember when i tried learning my first ever tab on guitar years ago, it was a blink song nd i couldnt figure out how to get that chunky palm mute sound. I eventually figured it out by accident when I rested my hand on the very end of the bridge where the strings go into the guitar all while the strings where still vibrating and i got this really wierd sound. And then i strummed the strings with my strumming hand on the strings like that again and i was like oh fuck thats how you do it. nd here i am now playing djent 4 years later.

  4. My bridge is floyd rose cant place it ??

  5. Joseph Fernando

    Jesus… is that what they call REVERBBBBBBB…..nice video very helpful

  6. I see it's helping everyone. But not me. I've been trying for the past 3 days and I can't get it. When I do mute it I can't strum properly and if I try my hand will push down harder or come off. I've tried everything to prevent this but it wont work

  7. silverglove2012

    dude how can i get better with small ass pinke finger. like mine is so small it's where yout pinke nuckle is but skinny and a little bit more short

  8. Niklas Freericks

    My hands are too fucking small

  9. Finally got it
    thank you

  10. looks like an AVRI '57 with billy corgan dimarzios 🙂

  11. Jianghao Youtube


  12. When I try this, the note sounds like it's a half-step up and idk why. Any tips?

  13. Hey carl when i do songs with a lot of palm muting like basket case, master of puppets etc. i tend to get tired easily how do i overcome this?

  14. Whenever I strum chunky riffs that are palm muted, like the rhythm section of The Trooper by Iron Maiden, by strumming arm always tenses up. I dont understand how people can remain relaxed and make it seem natural. I just can't seem to keep my shoulder from tensing up…

  15. great one. i reckon youre the best teacher on youtube. never learned so much from someone else.

  16. The audio of my palm mute string is lowered automatically by another string is there a way to counter this?

  17. Dude your fingers are alien like long. I got sausages. Good video though.

  18. Thanks Carl…

  19. Dang how do you get your guitar settings to sound so crisp?

  20. why does the guitar have three pickups?

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