Panic at the Disco! – High Hopes – Guitar lesson

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  1. THANKS for supporting MartyMusic, also Free courses at my site

  2. Hey Marty!! Could you make a video on Best Shot by Jimmie Allen? There's only one good one out but I can't really see what he's doing well enough.

  3. Can you do blew by nirvana next please

  4. Hummer the smashing pumpkins ! There's no lessons on this song at all

  5. Hey, Marty! You are probably the only guy on YouTube that can teach me. My attention span doesn't last long with the other guys out there, so thank you for your vids. Is there any chance that you can do "Little Things" by One Direction?

  6. You should teach love by koe wetzel

  7. can you please do crossfire by Stevie ray vaughn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Animals by Nickelback lesson please

  9. can you please do a tutorial for "I don´t think about you" by Hrvy one day ?

  10. I dunno if you take suggestions, BUT, would be awesome if you did the Koani Salt Flats from Ghost Recon Wildlands

  11. We need a good Lucy in the sky with diamonds- Beatles! There are barely any tutorials out there!

  12. Joseph Noel Kenneth SCHNEIDER

    Luke combs when it rains it pours

  13. Hey Marty! I would really appreciate it if you could teach us all to play Hey There Delilah by Plain White Ts! That would be super cool!

  14. Gentle on my mind- glen campbell

  15. Can you do lesson how to play reverse situation from naruto please i promise that is good song

  16. You should teach even flow by Pearl Jam kinda always In nirvanas shadow but just as good in my opinion

  17. 間具子りりろShanksuu

    Make a lesson of negative creep by nirvana!!!

  18. Weezer El Scorcho

  19. Heyyyy!! Is it possible you can learn any songs from “The Shadowboxers” ? Love to learn one of their songs. PLEASE!!! <3

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