Pantera – Goddamn Electric – Guitar Lesson by Mike Gross

This is a guitar lesson taught by professional guitar instructor Mike Gross from
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Mike Gross


  1. Can you please do a Pantera – 10's tutorial?? Thanks Mike!

  2. Dimebag would've been a good replacement for Randy. It's like he could make any band sound good cause guitar playing and music in general was his soul

  3. Hey, would you be able to do overkill by motörhead? I'm determined to learn at least one motörhead song and your videos make things a lot easier :)

  4. Can you teach the intro and second part of Grace by Lamb Of God

  5. Can you do since you've been gone by the outfield

  6. thanks!

  7. Hey Mike could you do a lesson for Def Leppard's new song Let's Go. Thanks for doing what you do

  8. Idk know why I cant learn Coming down from FFDP… but something that you have to check out and maybe even do a video out of & it would be pretty amazing if you did ,CrossRoads from Avenged sevenfold or Flash of the blade From Avenged Sevenfold those are some killer riffs & there songs no one really cares about but there amazing… dude give it a listen

  9. Hey Mike. Big fan of yours here I love all your videos. Would really like to know if you could do Best Of Me by The Starting Line. Thanks bro

  10. can you please teach us the divine zero by pierce the veil

  11. Hey Mike, your the best. Thank you for doing these tutorials,I hope your wife feels better soon. When you get a chance could you please do house of wolves by bring me the horizon or Saturday by fall out boy? There are no tutorials for either of these songs on YouTube and I'd love to learn then. Thanks Mike!

  12. Maybe Don't cry guns and roses as a next lesson????

  13. More megadeth!!!

  14. awesome riff

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