Pantera: Walk – Guitar Lesson

Visit for more information. Learn this Pantera classic brought to you by and Mr. Dennis Hodges.

This is a JamPlay staff favorite, and undoubtedly one of Dimebag’s most famous riffs and solos.

RIP, Dime. .

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  1. Good job man thank you hello from Serbia

  2. Distortion is not good in this

  3. Chris Browning

    He was having fun playing the bleep out of that song. R.I.P. Dime Pantera music was such a huge part of my youth. Can’t believe Vinnie and Him are both gone:

  4. So is the whole guitar not supposed to be tuned down a whole step in 330???

  5. I don't think people are giving this man enough credit. From a beginner's standpoint, this is a pretty solid lesson, regardless of the fact that the tuning is off and that the face cam is kind of weird. Besides, that solo was pretty dam solid.

  6. I sat BOLT UP the moment I heard him play it in E standard. Fuck this guy, can't teach shit

  7. Nice job. What's with the camera on the face ? so goofy.

  8. frederick_stein

    Tuning is drop D?

  9. Maarten Ludekuize

    Great lesson, thank you!

  10. Great job. I could follow along and it is easy to understand.

  11. You talk way too much.

  12. Steve Bollman, Sr

    wrooong it's a quarter step lower than drop d

  13. k klase d mierda ese tutorial

  14. Angry Capsicum

    I just heard this song a couple days ago on the Spotify old style metal play list and I keep listening to it on repeat.

  15. you got the bends on the solo spot on, good work man

  16. you need more distortion lol its too clean….(rolls eyes

  17. Sangboi Hangzo

    o steven wilson!

  18. Everything's Purple

    Every time I see a Hamer, there's a smile on my Face 🙂 My first guitar was a 98' korean Futura and I still Play it today, it was a gift from my mum in 2009. I don't know, how it is in your country, but here in germany are very rare. PS: My 98' Hamer Futura RN (Rick Nielsen) got this Dean Dime kind of headstock, so now it's time to learn some Pantera riffs!

  19. I'm very new to guitar. I have a marshall code 25 and a mexican made fender strat. I've tried adjusting almost all settings on my amp and I can't get the right sound. I've looked it up and i've matched exactly what it said to do with the stuff. But I just can't get that heavy sound. Any help? (And I have seen people use fender strats to play songs like this)

  20. Lol this guy hi as a mofo

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