Parachute – She Is Love – Acoustic Guitar Lesson by Mike Gross(FULL SONG) – How To Play – Tutorial

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This is a guitar lesson on how to play “She Is Love” by “Parachute” taught & instructed by professional guitar instructor Mike Gross from and am available for studio session work and touring…­­­­­­­­­ Feel free to subscribe to my channel,request songs,ask questions from a pro teacher that really WANTS to help you.I NOW OFFER LESSONS ON SKYPE(look for OFFICIAL tutorial on my channel)….Be sure to watch for my official website coming in 2014 and become a “Premium Member” ..We also offer vocal lessons!!…….our youtube channel has free vocal-bass-keyboard and drum lessons…..My first guitar instructional lesson dvd is available …It is called “Ultimate Beginners Guide” and the cost is .00 plus shipping…If your pretty new to guitar,this dvd this is a MUST buy…Packed with over 2 hours of all the basic fundamentals to get you started on your guitar playing…Inquire @


  1. thanks good lesson

  2. is this tuned a half step down?

  3. You have sooooo many vids….I can't find it

  4. You speak my language. Where is ur vid on sub grouping? I need it!!!!!! Please….. Sempai

  5. what about the real afination? :(

  6. 1:54 you said "I'm gonna pluck the same 3 strings here" (As in e,G,B) Instead you actually pluck A,G,B. A,G,B is the correct way I believe i learned this song years back and am re-learning.

  7. 2 1/2 steps down?

  8. What's with the low E on your guitar? It sounds weird while all the others sound clear.

  9. Thanks for this, Ive got the first 3 sections down, I like your explanations.  Quick question:  When I listen to the actual song I don't hear that it starts off with the first part you're teaching. (your first part is the chorus I believe).  The 3rd part you teach at 4:25 mark in your video is the beginning of the song. (I think). 

  10. two thumbs up 🙂 

  11. Mike, could I ask you to learn a song and make a video teaching me so I can play if for my girlfriend?

  12. how do you slide the notes without the sound going out? like muting the string sound

  13. you need a close up of the fret board. Im an average guitar player and this was a little difficult to discern. Just givin' my honest feedback.

  14. Great teaching!  I am a beginner and not very good, but I actually felt like I played a song for once!  Thanks!

  15. Excellent. If you love Parachute, you might enjoy my original music. I'll be on tour with them this Fall. Come check out my music by visiting my channel. Much appreciated!

  16. What's the best acoustic guitar for this song?

  17. Hey mike i'm Bryce and i cant strum it hard enough to make it sound correct without making the E string buzz. Please help me.

  18. is this is step down tuning?

  19. HUGE help seriously way more thorough an helpful than any other tutorial I'm subscribing

  20. Watching this on my phobe was quite hard soo yeah

    But I wush they was a zoom on the chord fingers

    Overall it was helpful 🙂 im gonna sing this to my sweetheart btw 🙂

    Thank you sir

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