Paramore – Only Exception – Easy Acoustic guitar song lesson

Paramore - Only Exception - Easy Acoustic guitar song lesson

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  1. thank you

  2. adrian loves dallon

    i k n e w y o u c o u l d d o i t

  3. 2019?

  4. i like this song

  5. hadrien lucchesi

    fait bien attention au tempo quand tu l'èxplique il te mangue un strock


  7. Hey man, the version you where playing without the capo, you forgot the bridge 🙁

  8. Dorien Foroutani

    I don't have a capo and my guitar is a spanish guitar

  9. How do you do the bridge without the capo

  10. can someone explain to me how the I chord in this song is major and the 5 chord is minor? All the chord changes from songs I like tend to go against basic music theory. Theres probably some weird explanation that has to do with modes or something. Or maybe I need to just forget about theory a little and just play random chords that sound good together??

  11. Veronica Leonard

    this is the first song i learned and i learned it in 2 days! (because my fingers started to hurt lol) you're a great teacher!

  12. this song is so amazing and easy i love it

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