Paranoid Guitar Lesson – Black Sabbath – Famous Riffs

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Today’s “famous riff” lesson is a special one because I am going to show you how to play ALL of the riffs in “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath, not just the main riff. 🙂

And what is also really cool about this Paranoid guitar lesson is that it is one of the easier songs you will run across.

In this video lesson I will break down each guitar riff note-for-note and demonstrate any specific techniques required to play them.

As I said before, I think this song can be played by beginner guitar players if they want to give it a try. Of course if you are a total beginner, everything will be challenging to a point. But, if you have any guitar experience at all you will probably find that learning how to play “Paranoid” will be a piece of cake.

That isn’t to say that Tony Iommi’s riffs aren’t great, in fact some of the riffs found in “Paranoid” are considered to be some the greatest hard rock riffs ever written. It just goes to show you that simplicity can be extremely effective if used correctly.

For all of you wanting the challenge of learning the guitar solo you are in luck there as well! Just help this video get 600 YouTube likes and I will then quickly make a video lesson for the solo as well.

So I hope you guys enjoy learning some of the most classic guitar riffs ever written by Tony Iommi and the great Black Sabbath.

I will see you back here soon with the solo lesson I am sure. 🙂

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  1. sick vid bud

  2. siX HuNdreD liKeS

  3. Good beginner song?

  4. Why is this do different to marty music ?

  5. All of these comments are so stupid. The other youtubers aren't playing it incorrect just one octave lower. Don't say when you don't know.

  6. Is my guitar meant to buzz like that for the intro?

  7. Can you please please pretty please do the Randy Rhoades version???? Please?

  8. Josef stanislawski

    Wheres the solo carl?

  9. Love and support from Brazil!

  10. Sotis Productions

    I Always cringe when i hear black Sabbath not being played on an SG

  11. when i try this tab it comes to sharp! whats your tuning? is standart?

  12. best tutorial on the web

  13. The stage is set, the green flag drops!

  14. Teach us how to play opinion by nirvana

  15. OMG….the one guy after about 50 videos that plays the intro correct…..Kudos!!!

  16. so much very good help thank you i am a quardriplegic an you teach so well an withso much cover on what you are doing it has made it so much easyer for me. Thank You

  17. I subbed ur great!

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