(Part 2 of 3) Blues Phrasing on Guitar – Mixing the Major and Minor Pentatonic Scale – EP312

This week’s guitar lesson is part 2 in a 3 part mini-series on blues guitar phrasing. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to mix the major and minor pentatonic scales together to give you more variables when playing blues lead.

To download the tablature PDF file, access the interactive tab viewer, and download the MP3 jam track for this lesson, visit https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/blues-phrasing-mini-series-2-3-mixing-major-minor-pentatonic-scales-ep312/
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  1. Larry C Overton

    I have been struggling with mixing major and minor…until now! You cleared it up for me in less than the time it took to watch this entire video. OK, I was really close anyway, but I do get it now. It's funny how so many guitar players can't actually verbalize what they do to sound good playing blues, I think a lot of them just picked it up and it sounded good and never really tried to understand it. But thanks, you do a great job of getting it drilled into my head.

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    Very good lesson,

  3. Timothy Williams

    Escape routes! My favorite concept of this video! Thanks Brian!



  5. Gianluigi Oliva

    i love this series!

  6. This is a great lesson Brian. I have the biggest smile on my face learning this. I've always played within the scale. Blending them is great fun.

  7. Great mini-series, thank you so much (But I noticed the lesson code name is a bit mixed up – on the video it says 312 but the title says 313)

  8. I call that lick played at 19:52 the "Captain Lee" lick because in just about every guitar video Lee Anderton plays in he uses this lick almost immediately when he plays by himself…

    Great lesson Brian!

  9. Love it. Thanks, Brian.

  10. the website has this part.but also a second part in the tabs and walkthrough but no lesson for the second part. Is this intentional?

  11. excellent Brian thank you.

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    Awesome as usual.

  13. This is an amazing lesson. SO MUCH information, so clearly presented and explained. Thank you!! This series is a gift.

  14. I'm really digging this series for help with my phrasing, thanks man!

  15. Great lesson your a great teacher brian.

  16. Thanks you opened my eyes. I can play Dorian basically over that profession.

  17. nice

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