Parts Of The Acoustic Guitar- Lesson 1- Beginners Guitar series

In this video, you’ll learn the different parts of the acoustic guitar and some of their functions…write them down in your note, There is an assignment at the end of the video, ensure you do it.
Have fun!!❤



  1. Day 2 teacher.

  2. Thank you so much Helen, you don't know how I wish to learn playing a guitar. I will make sure I follow all your lessons. God bless you gal

  3. Hey Helen, what’s the best guitar for beginner? Can you post a link if possible? Thanks

  4. I just got a guitar to learn and saw a video of you on fb, now that I know you're teaching…you got a subscriber

  5. MaDlodlo Mpangazitha

    You are a great teacher Helen

  6. Thanks Helen.

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