Patience Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Guns N’ Roses – Chords and Intro Solo

Patience Guitar Lesson Pt.1 - Guns N' Roses - Chords and Intro Solo

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In this video guitar lesson series I will show you how to play “Patience” by Guns N’ Roses in it’s entirety.

Released on their Lies EP, “Patience” went on to top the charts in with what was a surprising acoustic departure for the band.

This lesson series will be in two parts. In the first video lesson I will demonstrate how to play all of the chords and progressions as well as the intro guitar solo.

Since there are many acoustic guitars being played at the same time on the original recording, I am teaching a condensed version of the chords and chord progressions. In other words, I am sorta picking the best or most important parts and putting them into a part that can be played with just one guitar and still sound close to the original recording.

In the second video lesson I will teach you note-for-note how Slash plays his highly melodic guitar solo. Slash has two solos in this song and the first solo will be taught in the first video lesson.

I think this lesson will be a nice challenge for the intermediate guitarist. It uses mostly basic chords, but there is a lot of melody work being played within those chords that you will need to play in order to make the song sound correct. It will probably take a little bit of practice to be able to confidently have those melody notes come out over the chords.

The main solo is also a nice challenge, especially the second half of it where Slash employs many large bends in very low positions of the fretboard. Doing these bends on an acoustic guitar can be very difficult.

Alright that is about it from me. Enjoy the lessons!

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  1. Pierce wilkins

    What is the make of the guitar you are using

  2. Cade Pickering

    Rocket Queen!

  3. could you do one in a million?

  4. Søren Frank Hjernøe

    who else whistled at the intro?

  5. wow you make it look easy haha

  6. Rorschachxx1985

    hey carl do you think you could do use to love her by guns n roses?

  7. hey, Carl. how about do a lesson on Saliva's hidden track off the Survival of the Sickest album

  8. Thanks for another great lesson man! I just realized that this lesson was posted 8 months ago…that's when I started playing guitar and I finally feel confident enough in my ability to take on this great song!!

  9. One Of A Kind Spiffy

    As an amateur, this sure took a lot of.. patience… lolkbye

  10. Hi Carl what is tuning down a half step ? went to some other videos regarding this,,they asked to get capo on 1st fret and do standard tuning but that doesnt concur with what you said?

  11. But what if i will not tune it down half step?will it be ok?

  12. rashika tasnim

    when the teacher is handsome and amazing at the same time

  13. Dude this guy knows. Carl is one of the best on YouTube

  14. matthew ratzlaff

    What about rocket queen

  15. how many inches is that guitar

  16. Anyone know how many times you play each part before switching

  17. god fucking dammit I learned G with different fingers so always have a problems ;/

  18. u realize a good song, when it makes you happy and maybe cry a litle be , thats one of thoose for me :)

  19. Absolutely love learning from your videos

  20. very good lesson…. whats the guitar model,

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