Paul Gilbert style shred rock electric guitar lesson string skipping licks with tabs part2 click NOW for a FREE Video guitar lesson that is not on YouTube & a FREE Ebook from Next Level
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  1. You man do my life much better !!! Thanks.

  2. Great teacher. Thank you for lesson

  3. Intro of this video sounded identical to Andy James' "angel of death" song.

  4. Chris Taylor (WuBMaYNE)

    Gilbert has lost a little speed in his age, but the stuff he did in his Racer X days is just nasty.

  5. Christopher Mahaffey

    awesome shred watch?v=sCZx5Q8c0Uw

  6. Well it seems like cool stuff to me. Simple lick that can sound like a computer warping if you play it fast enough. You know,,you just couldn't see Paul Gilbert doing the Roy Rogers thing,,playing his guitar and riding his horse off into the sunset. Guitar licks at the speed of sound,light,etc. I bet he could kill cockroaches with enough volume.

  7. Is it possible to do this in ease while standing?

  8. thank you sir

  9. do you use sweep picking or alternative picking?

  10. Hmm I'm not sure actually. They would have to describe the pickups they have. But if you go somewhere like Guitar Center they can show you which pickups are good like that ;)

  11. You now what kind of pickups he use?

  12. specific pickups

  13. i want my guitar to sound like his guitar!!!!!!!!!!
    what should i do to have it?

  14. I love Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Joe Bonamasa. i could only dream to play like these guys, but i will give it my best try.

  15. yes i have improved, still can't play to well with my fingers curled in, but i can still get some pretty descent speed without doing that style of play, i practice every day for at least 2 hours, some days are better than others, but for the most part i am getting better even though i am 48 years old.

  16. Have you improved since you posted a month ago? Also, I don't curl the fingers of my picking hand in. Many pros do, many don't. When they're curled in, you CAN *lightly* rest the back of your fingers/nails against strings to keep them muted so they're not freely ringing with the vibrations of the guitar. My personal preference is usually a combination of muting lower (pitched) strings with my right palm and higher strings with the fleshy part of the fingers of my left hand.

  17. Exactly what is "sloppy"? Your actual playing? Or excessive noise? If noise, it's probably because open strings are ringing out. If the playing itself, then maybe it needs more practice. There aren't exactly a lot of "moving parts" on a guitar, so the slop has to do with the strings one way or another. Maybe you're picking excess strings, maybe you're not keeping unwanted strings/notes muted (some do this palm muting, others might curl their fingers in to mute upper strings, or a combination).

  18. you really could, but the focus here is Paul Gilbert's style of string skipping, and what you said would be sweep picking. it'd be the same notes either way, it's just a matter of preferred technique (string skipping vs sweep picking) and sound/tone (e.g. 16th fret on g string has a warmer sound compared to the sharper sound of 12th fret on b string, even though it's the "same" note).

  19. Simple? You're funny dave.

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