Paul McCartney "Maybe I'm Amazed" Guitar Lesson

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  1. Thank You for watching and supporting

  2. Upper Left Coast Chelsea Fan

    Hey Marty how about doing Band On The Run? Having a hard time going from the C to F and placing it with the lyrics. Like to see how a pro does it. Thanks bro.

  3. LOVE IT! you start off playing the song…and you spend very little time talking. You show the chords and you sing the chords. Just my speed of learning. Exactly what i needed! Thank You Marty!

  4. Thanks Marty for the guitar chords. I play & sing this a lot on piano and the first chord is a peddling "A" Major, then to "D" Major(2nd inversion with "F#" in the bass, then to your D/F, Em, then back to A Major to complete the intro, I"m pretty sure but please correct me if I'm mistaken. Thanks for sharing your guitar wisdom Marty & teaching me the "C" chromatic run on guitar here, I've been practicing it all day! Maybe I'm Amazed is arguably McCartney's greatest song.

  5. Teaching the solo would be awesome, please!

  6. I have been following you for about two years now. You teach in a way that it becomes easy. Thanks a million.

  7. Mart calm down with the hearts xD

  8. Ooo im gonna try this tomorrow

  9. 🙂

  10. Love the way you set up your videos

  11. Bruh u lookin old

  12. More McCartney please!!!

  13. I am greener than a beginner but your lessons make it so easy for me. Thank you so much! It might take me a year to be able to play this song but I’m going to give it my damnedest!

  14. How about a lesson on George Harrison’s playing on “I saw her standing there “. Great lessons Marty !!

  15. Great sont, great lesson. Marty, thanks for your gifts. They are so appreciated even for à beginer as I.

  16. Dude. You're making me spend way too much time learning these awesome songs. Great way to spend an evening after a stressful day. Keep doing what you're doing!

  17. David guitar madman

    Always great tutorials!!! Thanks for sharing!! I am learning a lot from your lessons….Thanks again!

  18. Marty is amazing!

  19. Hallo Great Marty, thanks for your amazing videos. I have a problem, that I can't change the chords easily. I feel like my hands are frozen and some time I think that it's not possible for a 32 years old to play guitar and be professional. Any advice?

  20. Thanks Marty! You make learning this stuff a breeze. Much appreciated!
    Requests: Part 4 Watchtower Solo, Whiter Shade of Pale.

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