Paul McCartney's Bass Guitar Techniques | Reverb Learn to Play

Paul McCartney's Bass Guitar Techniques | Reverb Learn to Play

Paul McCartney’s bass work (with The Beatles, Wings, and solo) often plays second fiddle to his acumen as a songwriter and an eternally popular celebrity. However, as a bassist, Sir Paul is responsible for several technical and musical innovations that have served as launchpads for future players, and Jake is in our studio to talk about some of those today.
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  1. Love that you spent so much time on some really unlistenable Wings songs. Awesome! I love that song Single Pigeon, because it’s good and I can feel how few people have made it through the whole thing when I listen to it.

  2. Smuggler The Snuggler

    you playing the wrong notes

  3. HyperRyuu420 and RYHK HYPE

    This is The Verge's PC Build video but for bassists…

  4. Seems like your Taxman riff is phrased differently from Paul's.

  5. You are definitely playing the taxman bass line wrong

  6. SuperSuccessfulTroll

    stop it dude people are going to think its OK to use a pick on bass guitar :/

  7. Who is this fucking nerd with no feel

  8. Extra note or two in Taxman that’s not supposed to be played

  9. I'm right handed but feel more comfortable playing left handed

  10. yeti goosecreature

    eh? Paul McCartney didn't use a Hofner Violin Bass on 'Come Together' – he used a Rickenbacker 4001. From 1966 he often used a Fender Jazz Bass and Rickenbacker 4001 for studio work.

  11. Paul Is Genius

  12. Sir Paul doesn't SLAPP yet he's a legend!

  13. can't you fucking tell me what that song was? disliked

  14. Where's the Ric 4001 bass for the mid-Beatle period?

  15. You're playing Hello Goodbye all wrong. It's a bouncy bass line.

  16. but what kind is your bass? hofner ignition series???

  17. McCartney had the sweetest melodic baselines.

  18. You could say that it’s

    It’s epic

  19. Who taught him taxman's base line?
    I'm afraid but it's wrong 🙁

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