Peace Of Mind Guitar Lesson on Selected Licks

Peace Of Mind Guitar Lesson on Selected Licks

A look at the rhythm licks and verse fills of Boston Peace Of Mind. This guitar lesson is in the key of E major, showing some common rock guitar licks used in the song.
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  1. The Loved & Hated

    Dude, where are you? I would effing love to jam with you!

  2. Tom – Super lesson and great tone from that SG. Can't get my mid-70's '61 reissue to come close to that. Are you using computer modeling software only or some combination of amp, pedal, etc? I asked you about this before awhile back when I purchased a few lessons, but didn't fully understand. I am blown away by it and your incredible precision playing. Until I get the playing down, I'd be happy to have the tone – Ha! – Jim Kahles.

  3. Thanks that was explained very very well….

  4. What's your amp again?

  5. Born Again Torinos

    Tom, I was just thinking about you today. I wanted to beg you to please take a listen to the Hotel California style Harmonic solo in the song "still the one" by orleans. I learned the solo to Hotel California from you, now want to add this solo to my stable of solos. I think once you listen to it again, you will want to do it. Spokane Steve


    Oh man ! if I coulda had this video in 76! 3 cutie's used to sit on my porch listenin to me butcher this, playin an ole beat up Harmony Rocket hollow body with "Tempo" amp..LOL I should message them sayin , Come to my porch NOW by gawd! Great lesson , brought back some good mems!

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