Peaceful Easy Feeling – Guitar Lesson and Tutorial – The Eagles

This is a preview of our complete lesson on Peaceful Easy Feeling by the Eagles. Use code “youtube” at to get your 1st 30 days of premium lessons FREE!

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  1. Alvin

  2. Bernie Leadon was the guitarist who performed lead guitar for this song. He was the major country influence with the Eagles. He left and then Don Felder came into the band. THEN Joe Walsh came into the band.

  3. Why does all tabs on internet say that it's in D?

  4. This is awesome…thnks

  5. Richard Limbrick

    That is an interesting guitar as it has a zero fret not many manufacturers put those on. I have a Fylde Custom made in England. Great lesson many thanks. What make is it?

  6. this is a great lesson but its unfinished… I wish you showed the whole thing

  7. leadon

  8. I've figured it out. It's Bernie Lesson.

  9. Guitar player 48

    I'm guessing Joe Walsh

  10. who play's the guitar solo on the original recording?

  11. Terrific, by far the best lesson for this song I saw on Youtube.

  12. interested in your lesons but would like to see a full list of the lessons you offer

  13. Nice lesson!

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