Pearl Jam – Black – Guitar Lesson – How to Play Tutorial – by Marty Schwartz

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  1. thanks nice to learn new things

  2. The outro is moving

  3. Marty, you are the man…you also remind me of Jon Lovitz. Take care my friend

  4. I find a full E chord sounds more like it

  5. Thank you good lesson

  6. too doo too doo too doo

  7. guitar jams and dance lessons

  8. These are not the correct chords for the intro of this song.

  9. Marty please bring back your dancing marty intro in your new channel

  10. you is the best ….hug Tony

  11. Marty your awesome man! You’ve taught me so much.

  12. your missing a little on the intro lol

  13. hahaha marty's got moves

  14. one of the only people who can successfully teach me through a video much love man

  15. 7:40 can be played on the b string 12 13 15 fret, I think that's actually how they do it, I'm sorry man I'm critiquing too much you're an awesome guitar player I watch a lot of your videos

  16. 2:30 is the correct way to play the a I've seen them live 9 times, stone plays it that way every time

  17. has marty ever released his own songs?

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