Pearl Jam “Last Kiss” Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson – How to Play Guitar

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Hey guys, Marty here from “MartyMusic”! Hope everyone is having a great Monday! So Pearl Jam just made it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame which is a milestone for any band. With that, I haven’t done an easy acoustic song in a few, so I put all of those crazy thoughts together for Today’s lesson. Thanks for supporting. Also, the best way to support me (Marty the Person) is by supporting MartyMusic!

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  1. Thanks so much for supporting "MartyMusic" – Free multi-hour HD guitar course when you sign my newsletter at >>>>>>>>>>>>THANK YOU

  2. Jack Johnson All At Once

  3. Low budget films and videos studio

    love your lessons, but could you please do reptilia by the strokes?

  4. I am trying to find someone who can play "The Wizard" by Uriah Heep on acoustic guitar
    Are you familiar with that song Marty ?

  5. Exact same progression as Joey by concrete blonde. hmmmm

  6. Syncopation! Intentionally missing that 3rd beat down.

  7. Daniel Loria Aguilar

    Hey Marty, Im so fan of The Calling so Of you could please make a guitar lesson about Stigmatized Song I would really appreciate that! Thanks

  8. The Cash Pirate

    You are by hands down the best ever on YouTube to teach guitar. I am going to be a pro with all of your awesome tutorials! Every song I look up with guitar your video pops up right away!

  9. Chris Michaels

    More PJ Marty! Thumbing My Way or anything

  10. nice video,please do X Japan endless rain with solo guitar

  11. Nick Muszynski

    I'd be super happy if you could do Peace of Mind by Boston I need to learn that song!

  12. Stephen Cuthbertson

    hey you should do bryan adams run to you its a very simple song and fun to learn. just started learning and finaly getting the hang of the intro

  13. Thought Peddler

    Found your stuff through a Weezer song tutorial, glad to see you're still making videos!

  14. Can you teach Love by Kendrick Lamar or do you not teach hip hop songs

  15. Please don't stop making videos your the only person I truly learn from and you have literally helped me become so much better just don't give up and keep up the good work I also like the way u do stuff on this account compared to guitar jamz just good job Marty and like the bread 😀

  16. JustinBeiberRocksFTW

    Awesome tutorial 😀 thanks

  17. Hey Marty. I am a guitarist and I have a concert in about a month where I have to do sweet child o mine solo….can you do a lesson on that. It will be fun….

  18. Charlie Workman

    Love the Pearl Jam lesson.  Have you ever done any Lumineers lessons?

  19. hey marty could you do fiddlers green by the tragically hip please thanks love your stuff btw

  20. Please do a Brandi Carlile lesson. Anything other than "The Story". Thanks!

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