PEARL JAM – "Nothingman" Guitar Lesson | Stone Gossard

The CAPO i use for this is the G7th Performance 2 capo which is perfect for any Electric or Acoustic. You can get it via my affiliate link here –

“Nothingman” – PEARL JAM – Stone Gossard Guitar Lesson

Capo on 5th fret and tuning E A D G C F

0:00 Intro wittering and tuning
1:00 Chord voicings used in the tune
1:40 6/8 Feel and right hand pattern
2:30 Intro and Verse Riff
3:34 Verse close up
4:00 Verse variation on 4th measure
4:46 Pre-Chorus
5:10 Chorus
5:58 Chorus 2 Variation into Bridge on 2nd measure
6:29 Bridge section close up
6:57 Middle 8 (“Into the sun…..”) part
7:38 Outro
8:20 Outro mutterings

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  1. Hey Matt – what capo are you using for this? All my capos wont do partial capo'ing. Will probably need tondonsong on acoustic so that may be a factor also!

  2. Thank you very much.

  3. the best

  4. Hey Man, I wanted to give you a huge thank you…I found your tutorial(played the right way, tuning and all) its always been a favourite of mine since a teen..this is what i did with it. This footage was the last practice before I ran out the house to perform it live on Radio in Australia..MixFM 92.7..Let me know what you think…Thanks again man..

  5. Silas Jul Kirstein

    the Pearl Jam God himself

  6. You're my go-to Pearl Jam man, keep up the good work!

  7. I've tried forever to find an accurate lesson for this song! You're lessons are amazing! Thank you very much.

  8. Best channel on YouTube right now

  9. Have I been playing this song wrong all along? I use a capo on the 5th fret but my tuning is EADGCE. I could’ve sworn that’s how Stone plays it live but how you play it sounds closer to the album. I’M SO CONFUSED.

  10. It is a beautiful song. Stone is my favorite one.

  11. Who else is singing along, if not only in your head. 🙂

  12. Hi,Great stuff! How do you make your tabs?

  13. Hi bro, i've seen your covers and i think they sounds very close to the studio version of Ten…. congratulations and thanks for the uploads!!! have you considered uploading the Mike's part of Black? i'm very interesting of this, all of the tabs (including the tab of the Mike's fan page) are wrong in some parts, especially in the chorus and the end solo. I hope you can upload a full cover of Black. Greetings from Chile!!!

  14. Could you do a lesson for spin the black circle sometime? Thank you for all the lessons you have put up tho, it really helps and gives me something to do every afternoon haha

  15. Mate this is awesome, sounds great and such a good lesson. Thx heaps

  16. These chords are gorgeous.. Almost as pretty as oceans.. Great lesson man.

  17. Sounds perfect. No wonder why it never sounded right when I played it. Very odd and creative tuning. Thanks man

  18. You Sir, nail all of their songs bang on. Thank you very much for doing this. Keep them coming!

  19. Fantastic! Great tutorial. Managed to high five Eddie on Tues night! Mental such a memorable evening! Alex

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