Pearl Jam Yellow Ledbetter Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Stone Gossard AND Jeff Ament in ONE band? Sounds like a serious recipe for 90’s guitar tone! Check out my guitar tutorial for one of Pearl Jam’s best songs, Yellow Ledbetter!

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  1. Thanks for supporting MartyMusic ! Also tons of Free courses at my site

  2. Can't say it enough how much I appreciate your patience and time, Marty Music is the Best!

  3. That f-shape e string oull off is the most frustrating thing in the world

  4. Lyrics:

    On a ceilin’

    On a Porche-ahhh litta say

    Dan I said I wanna leave ah again

    One I saw him On-a piece a with-ah said

    Gonna said I wanna leave it again


    On a weel-ah

    on-a wizard on a way-eee-ay

    gona call nana say nana-whoa-nana say gona fall out again

  5. This man has taught my guitar club and me so many songs. Thank you so much, you do more than you might realize.

  6. Joshua -Boogie- Martin

    What a song, my cousin Jamie played this song quite abit, this song used to tear me up when I heard it, my cousin Jamie past away back in 2012 then after this song would just destroy me for it was one of our favorites, I'm going to face this and find closure to his memory by learning this song. Everytime i hear this, I not so much grieve anymore it's like I feel him and his like do it cuz, learn this song, play it. He was one of the best guitar players I knew. Had a heart of platinum, he loved every one. He has a few you tube videos look him up Jamie LaVallie,

  7. You should do the vocals for this song also but English version lol

  8. I think tbe issue with bared chords is relaxation i read alot people have trouble with power chords and stuff. They are easy to play its keeping the shape thats hard i put my pinky down and land the rest and it works for me . Ive been at it a year.

  9. thanks marty, this is an awesome , way cool song.

  10. You're not a good guitar teacher. You teach people who already know guitar how to play specific songs but you do not attempt to teach the average person about the more advanced techniques that you use. You assume we already know but then what are you really teaching?

  11. Anyone know what specific kind of guitar marty is using?

  12. Took me a while to get those Hendrix shapes but got it now 🙂

  13. Can't i just use regular f-chord, can't really do that shape after lots of try.

  14. Do we need one of those expensive guitars?

  15. yaaay now i just need to learn the lyrics

  16. Awesome, any chance of the solo please dude?

  17. Marty, I love how you don’t just teach the song here, but also the underlying “system”. Great stuff.

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